The Thing That Sets Mou Boots Apart from The Rest

We’ve all done it before. When you are on a budget and need to purchase the perfect shoe for that special occasion, or just everyday wear. Many of us will fall victim to a salesman trap, and will buy cheap, low quality boots that last us only a few months.

For those of you that are active, looking for a versatile boot that can withstand your everyday wear, and will be worth your investment, look no further than Mou boots.

Here is what sets Mou boots apart from the rest

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1.Quality material
Not only are Mou boots fashionable, comfortable and durable, but they are made with high quality material that will last you a lifetime. These moccasin style booties are hand crafted, and use real sheep skin, goat skin and furs to keep your toes warm and comfortable even in the coldest weather.

2. Eco friendly
When Mou talk quality, they mean it. This starts with the production. Mou cares about the treatment of the animals used in its products and ensure that your shoe is coming from a safe animal source. Additionally, these shoes are made my Mou employees by hand, and do not abuse laws in their production.

3. Warmth
There is nothing worse than having to wear two socks or put warmers in your average leather boot because of harsh winter weather. Each Mou boot is insulated with fur, that is designed to keep your feet warm and dry in harsh winter conditions. Plus, the fur lined interior makes them more comfortable than your traditional boot.

mou winter style

4. Authenticity
Try to compare Mou boots to your average boot on the market and you will not find another like it. Be a fashion trend setter in these warm, easy to wear and unique styled boots. The shoes come with pearl, tassel, fur, leather and velvet detailing in a variety of different colors that set it apart from its competitors. Unlike your average leather boot, Mou boots will be sure to turn heads.

5. Versatility
A key feature of a comfortable boot is the sole. Mou designers’ value comfort and have designed a boot that includes features to keep you on your toes all day long. Many of the shoes have a sneaker bottom, which is not only a trendy aspect of the boot but makes the shoes supportive and able to withstand a variety of terrains. Nothing is worse than going from the office to the field to the farm, and not having proper shoes to accompany you on your journey. With Mou boots, you can do just that.

6. Inspired by the people for the people
Mou boots company philosophy puts the customer first, and each shoe is designed with you in mind. Mou knows what it takes to make quality premium comfort boot, and this is the magic behind the design. People like you tried tested and ensured this boot wasn’t just your average shoe on the market.

Invest your time and money into purchasing a shoe that is going to last a lifetime, invest in Mou and experience what sets this boot apart.