The Thing That Sets Mou Boots Apart from The Rest

We’ve all done it before. When you are on a budget and need to purchase the perfect shoe for that special occasion, or just everyday wear. Many of us will fall victim to a salesman trap, and will buy cheap, low quality boots that last us only a few months.

For those of you that are active, looking for a versatile boot that can withstand your everyday wear, and will be worth your investment, look no further than Mou boots.

Here is what sets Mou boots apart from the rest

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1.Quality material
Not only are Mou boots fashionable, comfortable and durable, but they are made with high quality material that will last you a lifetime. These moccasin style booties are hand crafted, and use real sheep skin, goat skin and furs to keep your toes warm and comfortable even in the coldest weather.

2. Eco friendly
When Mou talk quality, they mean it. This starts with the production. Mou cares about the treatment of the animals used in its products and ensure that your shoe is coming from a safe animal source. Additionally, these shoes are made my Mou employees by hand, and do not abuse laws in their production.

3. Warmth
There is nothing worse than having to wear two socks or put warmers in your average leather boot because of harsh winter weather. Each Mou boot is insulated with fur, that is designed to keep your feet warm and dry in harsh winter conditions. Plus, the fur lined interior makes them more comfortable than your traditional boot.

mou winter style

4. Authenticity
Try to compare Mou boots to your average boot on the market and you will not find another like it. Be a fashion trend setter in these warm, easy to wear and unique styled boots. The shoes come with pearl, tassel, fur, leather and velvet detailing in a variety of different colors that set it apart from its competitors. Unlike your average leather boot, Mou boots will be sure to turn heads.

5. Versatility
A key feature of a comfortable boot is the sole. Mou designers’ value comfort and have designed a boot that includes features to keep you on your toes all day long. Many of the shoes have a sneaker bottom, which is not only a trendy aspect of the boot but makes the shoes supportive and able to withstand a variety of terrains. Nothing is worse than going from the office to the field to the farm, and not having proper shoes to accompany you on your journey. With Mou boots, you can do just that.

6. Inspired by the people for the people
Mou boots company philosophy puts the customer first, and each shoe is designed with you in mind. Mou knows what it takes to make quality premium comfort boot, and this is the magic behind the design. People like you tried tested and ensured this boot wasn’t just your average shoe on the market.

Invest your time and money into purchasing a shoe that is going to last a lifetime, invest in Mou and experience what sets this boot apart.

Characteristics Of Snow Boots

There are different types of snow boots or winter boots according to the clients liking and specifications. Various types of boots come with different characteristics but are more or so the same in that they are made to be protective and warm.

Snow boots are meant for hiking and visiting places during winter. Winter is generally a harsh climate and therefore customers will always seek to wear protective gears that protect their feet as well as keeping them warm.

The perfect snow boots choice for wintry chic
Types of snow boots

Pac boots
These boots are generally referred to as winter boots because of the lower shell made of rubber and a thick covering surrounding the boots. These types of snow boots are very essential for any visit during winter. The lower shell made of rubber ensures protection from beneath and that there should not be any risk to the person.

Rubber is also a material that is considered long lasting and therefore this boots ensure that the client is covered properly for a long time. The thick coverings provide appropriate warmth inside the shoe and the client will enjoy longer periods of work without their legs feeling cold.

Snow hunting boots
This is another good example of the snow boots. These boots are generally used for hunting. Clients will tend to look for boots that ensure that they are safe from weather conditions and also other physical conditions during hunting. These snow hunting boots are made in a way that embraces ultimate protection to the client’s legs.

The perfect snow boots choice for wintry chic
Characteristics of snow boots
Snow and winter seasons are sometimes harsh and require proper covering in order to avoid catching cold and other diseases involved with cold. Therefore special snow boots are manufactured in order to ensure that people are well protected during this type of weather conditions.

Water proof

Snow boots should be waterproofed in order to ensure that the person can go to all the places during their exploring without fear of contracting water. This water-resistant capability enables the boots to be long lasting as well.

Raised Sides
In very few cases will you find that the snow boots are not highly raised. This is to ensure that there are no pieces of snow that can penetrate into the boots. They also provide for warmth in the upper sections of the leg.

The eskimo 18 for men, the perfect snow boots choice for wintry chic
A rubber sole

Rubber is a long-lasting material. This therefore makes the boots a durable product. Together with being long lasting, the rubber soles also help in keeping the water out from entry into the boots enabling the person to navigate in all areas muddy, wet or snowy.

Difference between snow boots and winter boots
Snow boots have an upper hand in being the better of the two boots. This is because the snow boots can be used in all types of weather and road conditions. They perform well in muddy and wet conditions. On the other hand, the winter boots are used in well-maintained roads or simply when going out shopping during winter.

This therefore shows that the snow boots are more advantageous than the winter boots for all difficult snow conditions.

6 Points to Consider When Choosing Snow Boots

Do you want to buy snow boots without regretting your purchases? It is not as easy as some persons may have thought to buy the right and fitting snow boots in the market today. However, to make it simple for any individual that wants to buy snow boots so that such a person may make the right choices, there are at least six points to be taken into consideration when considering the purchase of snow boots.

They are as follows:

1. Consider the temperature
One of the first things to consider is the degree of the weather temperature. In order to have the best experiences during snow time with the rights boots, before you buy your desired boot you need an idea of the temperature rate.

Most snow boots manufacturers use temperature to determine the type of boot to produce. Find out the right temperature so as to buy a boot that is both fashionable and performing its optimal functions.

2. Consider what makes snow boot excellent
The right snow boot to buy would be determined by several factors. One of the factors is whether it is comforting that is more important you in the snow. Choose between whether to buy insulated or uninsulated boots.

Also, consider whether you need water-resistant boots or not. In addition, take into account what boot rise is right for you – whether high or low. Further to considering the perfect boot is to evaluate fashion versus function. Sure, fashion is important but also considers functionality.

3. Consider individual tolerance for cold
Each person has different dispositions towards different seasons all year round. There are those that the winter is not favorable to them in terms of health. Hence, if you are one such person, you have to consider buying such a boot that can give you maximum benefits during snow irrespective of the lowness or highness of the temperature degree. Ensure you buy boots that can give you maximum comfort.

4. Consider duration you would stay outside and your activity
You would n’t just want to buy a snow boot but such that guarantees maximum comfort and protection from even extreme cold snow. Thus, it would be important to consider the duration you would be outside.

And while outside, how much activity would you are involved in. Definitely, a janitor would want to wear one of the boots capable of giving him or her best warmness. So you should do too. Consider very well what you would be doing during snow. It would help you make the best decision on which boot to purchase.

5. Consider the right sizes and quality of the boots
You may need to try sizing the snow boots before buying them so that you don’t buy sizes that you wouldn’t comfortable with.

6. Consider the quality of the boots.
Do not forget to consider alongside with the size how secure you want them on your feet and whether you want to pay more for a brand name. Compare online and in-store prices adequately.

Furthermore, make sure that your boots have a guarantee. In a situation where the boots you may have purchased are below your expectation, you can easily return it to the merchants without having troubles with them.

Mou boots, the real experience!

Have you ever dreamt of your feet being at the comfort zone especially during the winter? Then, your dream is valid. Whatever you need to achieve this is a dial. No big deal, you only need to order a mou boot of your choice and it will be delivered right away at your doorstep within a very short period of time.


There have been new fashion trends all over the world. Ladies want to be fashionable. I mean, who doesn’t want to look smart and fashionable, stylish and unique? I believe this is what every single lady in the entire world is aspiring for.


When the manufacturers of the mou boots based in London were designing them, they had this in mind; fashionable footwear for winter. What makes the mou boots unique as compared to other boots is the question that most ladies are asking by now. The answer to this question is simple.

The mou boots are designed with a traditional innovation that incorporates the modern trends in a fashion making a uniquely designed product. The reason why this is true that is because the mou boots are handcrafted using various locally available leather. This makes the boots to retain its originality. Nobody doesn’t adore original commodities, or is there any?


Secondly, the boots are durable and long-lasting. Every buyer understands the value of durability because this is one of the considerations which determine the market demand for any commodity.


Thirdly, the aspect of comfortability presents itself since the boots are soft and worn with an electric touch. Surprisingly enough, the name of the boots has been derived from a French adjective ‘mou’ which means ‘soft to touch!

Sometimes one may wonder what materials the mou boots sale are made of. No more wondering. They are made up of different materials that range from sheepskin, goatskin and cow skin.


On the same not, the boots come in numerous designs that include: Eskimo sneaker velvet strass, mini eskimo sneaker with Rhinestones, sneaker new stones and crystals, eskimo sneaker velvet, sneaker laces-up, dream catcher eskimo sneaker, eskimo side elastic loafer, sneaker laces and front fur, inner wedge sneaker, eskimo side elastic loafer velvet, eskimo 18, eskimo 18 velvets, eskimo 18 crystal flowers, eskimo and eskimo 24 limited edition.


If you have the endless appetite for mou boots, your appetite will be quenched by the numerous varieties of mou boots as listed above. Besides, the boots come in different colors. Therefore you cannot miss your best choice from this wide variety。

If you think that the mou boots are expensive, then you are wrong. The least expensive mou boot is the eskimo side elastics that goes for just 17500 pounds while the most expensive is the inner wedge sneaker new crystals which go for just 32900 pounds.


If you wonder where to get the boots, then wonder no more. The boots are found all over the world in many mou eskimo stores, suppliers and retailers. Interestingly, you can order them online through a trusted online marketing online platform like the


In conclusion, I highly recommend the mou boots especially to ladies during the winter, since they are fashionable and highly stylish, besides its many advantages discussed above. The mou boots will make you feel at comfort zone and this is what any looking for.


My First Mou Boots, Firstly Love It

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This company also gives you a benefit that if you see any loss in their product, then you can return this product back. Now you can also see how many benefits the company is giving you. You can view the Returns details by visiting these boots website for satisfaction. Reviews of this company are quite good for you, you can take satisfaction.